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Pair of Pears^13
Made with Coconut & Oat Milk. Contains alcohol. Pear Panna Cotta | Red Wine Gelee | White Wine Sauteed Pear Pieces | Pear & Riesling Pate de Fruit
Chocolate Cookie Skillet13
Vanilla Gelato
Bailey-Mascarpone Mousse | Coffee Soaked Ladyfingers. Contains alcohol
Spiced Cookie^12
Speculoos Cookie Butter Mousse | Ginger Spiced Pizelle Cookie | Pretzel Anglaise
Twisted Classic^13
Gluten Free Brownie | Vanilla Gelato | Gochujang Salted Caramel Sesame Tuile
Gelatiamo Gelato or Sorbet8
Seasonal Flavors


Oatmeal Cookie Martini14
Rumchata | Jägermeister | Buttershots
Chocolate Cake Martini14
Titos | Frangelico | Godiva
Cherry Joy14
Frangelico | Cherry Herring | Buttershots
Courvoisier VS13
Hennessy VSOP38
Hennessy Paradis
Laphroaig 10 Year14
Taylor Fladgate Porto 10 Year Tawny14
Taylor Fladgate Porto 20 Year Tawny21
Taylor Fladgate Porto 30 Year Tawny35